About Me

Who is Jasper Wille?

I’ve been active in the world of Real Life Experiences since the early arrival of Escape Rooms in Western-Europe. Aside from playing them, and made it my profession to write narrative structures for Real Life Experiences with a focus on Story and Interaction. Quite soon I figured out that these experiences need more then a solid game-design. It needs humans. From that point forward I always encourage my employers to use actors in their experiences. During my involvement in several projects with large groups of actors I have gained the experience and developed the methods of selecting-, training- and managing ‘experience-actors’. These people are capable of adding the ‘Human Dynamics’ to both your game-design and your story. Traits like ‘stealing’, ‘dealing’, ‘interrogating’, ‘sneaking’, ‘lying’ and ‘manipulating’ are just a small selection of the entire package of ‘Human Dynamics’ that can now enrich your Real Life Experience.

I make it my personal goal to take the Real Life Experience market to the next level, by using my skills as a director and narrative writer. By being able to independently be responsible for creating an effective squad of actor’s, and using my know-how about how to utilize these actors to their maximum potential within narrative design, I intend to make the next generation of Real Life Experiences defined by players interacting with other humans. Creating epic, larger-than-life experiences where players can feel like the protagonist in a story that was carefully woven for them and them alone.